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Cultural Adventure


There are three predominant communities in Baringo which explains the exceptional cultural richness of the county; The Tugen are farmers in the highlands and herders in the plains.  They have produced internationally and locally renowned individuals, such as the long distance runner Paul Tergat, and Kenya’s second president, Daniel arap Moi. 

Going further north, generally the drier region of the county, you will encounter the Pokot, pastoralists who largely adhere to a colourful traditional lifestyle. 

The Ilchamus, a Maa-speaking people related to the Samburu and the Maasai, are to be found around Lake Baringo, having left their herds for the fishes. They are masters of the waters of Lake Baringo, which they have for centuries plied across using the kaldich, an ancient vessel that greatly resembles a pharaonic papyrus boat. 

Lake Baringo is the great place to immerse yourself and learn about one of Kenya's most fascinating tribes, the Njemps who live in and around the lake.

However, the Njemps have the particularity of no longer practicing nomadism. They settled down to raise livestock like cows and goats, grow crops, and fish in the lake

An excursion to a village in Njemps reveals their interesting way of life. The Njemps use boats called "kaldich" made from local balsa wood that grows around Lake Kapnarok.

Kaldich is simply a log that has been hollowed out, a craft passed down from generation to generation. They use these boats to fish, as well as to transport their animals across the islands for grazing. Only goats have the privilege of being carried by boat as the cows have to swim through because of their weight

Njemps will teach you how to make kaldich, their traditional way of smoking fish as well as pearl crafting and weaving.

Finally they will perfom their spectacular cultural dance (additional fees) to wind up the day in kenyan style.

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