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Activities in Baringo

Tourists taking a photo at lake baringo

Boat Rides

Get up close with the aquatic animals of Lake Baringo and enjoy the fascinating scenery from the water. Led by our well-trained guides, explore and observe the small details from a unique vantage point.

A picture of a bird at l.baringo

Bird Watching

Kenya boasts an incredible variety of bird species, with Baringo alone having 480 different species. Even if you are not an avid birder, you will become one by the end of your safari

Njemps community entertaining guests

Cultural Village Visits

Experience cultural visits to the nearby Il Chamus comunities and visit one of their villages to observe traditional dances and interact with them

A picture of a bird at l.baringo

Guided Nature Walks

This breathtaking adventure will take you along the shore of the lake to see crocodiles and hippopotamus and beyond, to the volcanic cliffs that dominate the eastern horizon.

A picture of a bird at l.baringo

Educational Trips

Learning about mountains in class is one thing, It's another walking to the top of one and overlook the view below it. Now that's a lesson you won't forget!

A picture of a bird at l.baringo

Full Day Adventure

Featuring all to do activities in baringo, we will customize your tour based on your preferences to provide the best experience tailored for you. Get in touch, to get started