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Background Information

Located in a remote area in the Rift Valley, Baringo County. Lake Baringo is a fascinating place for geologists and nature lovers, with peculiar landscapes and prolific birds.

As part of the East African Rift Valley, Lake Baringo is one of only two freshwater lakes in the Rift Valley, together with Lake Naivasha in Kenya. It is located in the remote central and western part of Kenya, only Lake Turkana is located further north.

There are several rivers inlets in Lake Baringo i.e R.Perkera and R.Molo etc. , but there is no visible water outlet. Water should seep into the fault lines in the bedrock. Due to drought and agricultural irrigation in past years, the water level of Lake Baringo fell to the lowest level on record, but floods in northern Kenya in recent years have caused the water level to rise alarmingly.

Wildlife Of L.Baringo

Many lakes in Kenya's Rift Valley are famous for their birds, especially the concentration of flamingos, but due to Baringo's freshwater features, flamingos are often far away. The lake is home to more than 470 species of birds, many of which breed in and around the lake.

It is an important stop for migratory birds in Africa and around the world. There are seven species of fish in Lake Baringo, of which the Nile tilapia is endemic. Fishing is an important part of the social economy of the region. For years, the number of Nile perch in Lake Baringo has declined significantly, but this may be related to the proliferation of African lungfish introduced to the lake in the 1970s. Lungfish are now the most common food source. important of the lake.

The area is also home to many species such as hippos, crocodiles, zebras, Klipspringer, Grant's gazelle, Chandler Mountain antelope, and the rare kudu.

Lake Baringo Geology

Lake Baringo has several islands such as Ol Kokwe Island, an extinct volcano which has hot springs and fumaroles, some of which have precipitated sulphur deposits. The area is also important for its archaeological and palaeontological sites, where important hominid fossil discoveries have been made


The wild and diverse landscapes we operate in provide endless and fascinating sources of learning for your students

Life skills that are difficult to teach in the classroom come to life in our personalized trip.

Whether you're leading a junior class or a group of 20-year-olds, our flexible, professionally designed trip will challenge and develop body and minds in a natural setting.
No one comes back unchanged- and that is exactly what we want!

The mentioned are just a few of the many educational resourses that comes handy in boosting learner's knowledge in their respective field of study
Reach to us anytime, We will be happy to host your school. Lets work Together for the better future of learners

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