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Ruko community wildlife conservancy

Ruko Conservancy is a unique conservation effort that also unites the two traditionally belligerent tribes of Lake Baringo, Pokot and Njemps.

Within the conservancy is a fenced sanctuary that houses animals that had been relocated from other areas with the ultimate aim of repopulating the area that was once rich in wildlife.

This reserve is unique in that during the rainy season, when the lake expands, it temporarily becomes an island, separated from the main reservoir until the water recedes.

In 2012, eight Rothschild giraffes were moved from the Soysambu Reserve in Laikipia to the Ruko Reserve. It has been almost 70 years since they last lived in Baringo.

You can take a nature walk at the Ruko Conservancy and get up close with these gentle giant herbivores and other animals such as ostriches, mountain hyrax, baboons, warthogs, antelopes, and impalas.

The lake itself is home to a healthy population of hippos and crocodiles.
Please note that the "logs" you see on the shore of the lake are actually crocodiles basking in the sun, so don't bother them unless you want to get hurt.

To Vist Ruko, You will need to hire a motor boat as it is located on the opposite shore of the lake. It is approximately a 1Hr sail